For the Hula Fam – A Love Letter in Words and Photos

Photos Shot By Zach Sanders and Dalia Jakubauskas

There’s no magic like Hulaween magic. Held October 24-27, this year’s annual foray into the mystical netherworld of sensory overload, cosmic beats, and collective joy was proof positive of that.

Shot by Zach Sanders

A lot of ingredients go into making that magic happen, including festival producers Michael Berg and Paul Levine and their team, who put their hearts and souls into the effort; the vendors who fed bodies and spirits; the artists who made Spirit Lake into something supernatural; the staff, volunteers and security at The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park who smoothed the rough edges; the engineers, technicians and road crews who kept the party going; and Cheese (the stringy kind), lots of it, along with dozens of uber-talented musicians who brought their A-game and then some.

Shot by Zach Sanders

And then there was one not-so-secret ingredient that tied it all together – you. You, who descended on SOSMP over 20,000 strong with open hearts and open ears to turn the place into the most dazzling, hippest, raging-ist, magical fairyland ever where love was plentiful and judgment scarce. You, who filled empty spaces with joy; practiced small, radical acts of random kindness; showered strangers with spontaneous hugs and “I love you”s for no particular reason (‘cuz you didn’t need one) and danced till the cows came home.

Shot by Zach Sanders

So here’s to you, Hula Fam. We tried to capture some of your joy in the photos below. So, check ‘em out, tag yourselves and then tag your friends and never forget how good it felt to be alive at Suwannee Hulaween. Then go and spread that feeling to the outside world. Until we see you again next year, rage on you beautiful savages.

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