Sleeping with Sirens Release New Studio Album ‘How It Feels to Be Lost’

There are many thrilling things about a new Sleeping with Sirens album, but the first thing is wondering if the band can continue to deliver what fans of the Orlando-based alternative-hard rockers expect. With the recent departure of founding member drummer Gabe Barham, who had played a pivotal role in creating the band’s drum-heavy sound and was a part of their latest works, many wonder who will replace Barham for the band’s upcoming tour. Regardless, Sirens just released How It Feels to Be Lost, their sixth studio album. The band’s previous songs included rock in its heaviest form, including ear-piercing guitar riffs and powerful vocals by frontman Kellin Quinn.

So one of the central questions that a new album from Kellin Quinn, Justin Hills, Jack Fowler and Nick Martin raises is whether the first few minutes of new single “Leave it All Behind” would come shooting out of a gun. Based on the caliber of rock on the band’s previous albums, it’s encouraging to report that the new single roars out of the gate with conviction and a rapid-fire, guitar-heavy, drum-pounding beat. Kellin Quinn, with his mezzo-soprano distinct tone, displays his hard-rocker vocal range at the 32-second mark.

Kellin Quinn – Photo: Rick Munroe MFN

As the song proceeds, the mood shifts slightly from heavy rock to a lyric-only portion and then to a broad, more dramatic moment at the 3:21 mark. The lyrics characterize worry over being judged and the perception of how a person’s legacy will long be remembered after his/her departure. It comes to question suicide, and, if done, how will a person be judged? It leaves things to question and interpretation, certainly not up for judgment. The song goes on to allude to hiding, perhaps behind a veil, while not showing others that you are suffering and in turmoil. The songs message is clear, that there is no answer to that question and not to forget that there is always someone there for you, even at a person’s darkest moments. In the end, the only solution being perseverance or love, or whatever else.

Justin Hills & Nick Martin – Photo: Rick Munroe MFN
Jack Fowler – Photo: Rick Munroe MFN
Gabe Barham – Photo: Rick Munroe MFN

It’s difficult to know exactly how to judge the this rock and roll band at this particular moment. Their previous works have been gritty and robust; this album brings Sleeping with Sirens back to the beginning at a point when they were hard-rockers who put their dot on the map. This is a band of highly skilled musicians, and it wouldn’t be fair to hold them hostage to their incredibly high standards of the past. This is a powerful album combining some of the band’s previously known style and a new edgier sound from the band’s early releases after their formation in 2010. The rest of the songs could make this album perhaps their greatest work thus far. There is room for an edgy hard-core rock band like Sirens to carve out space for new core hard rock bands as the hard rock genre continuous to explode worldwide. This band is good.

How It Feels To Be Lost

1. Leave It All Behind
2. Never Enough
3. How It Feels To Be Lost
4. Agree To Disagree
5. Ghost
6. Blood Lines
7. Break Me Down
8. Another Nightmare
9. PS Missing You
10. Medicine
11. Dying To Believe

Threesome Tour: Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens and Poppy

10/10 – Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre
10/14 – Portland, OR @ Theatre Of The Clouds
10/16 – Seattle, WA @ WAMU Theater
10/18 – Las Vegas, NV @ Las Rageous
10/19 – San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena
10/21 – Oklahoma City, OK @ The Criterion
10/22 – Kansas City, MO @ Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
10/25 – San Antonio, TX @ Sunken Garden Theater
10/28 – Tampa, FL @ The Cuban Club
10/29 – Miami, FL @ The Fillmore


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