Manic Focus Releases Sixth Album, ‘Lost in a Digital World’

Genre-bending electronic music producer Manic Focus (a.k.a. John “JmaC” McCraten) released his mind-blowing sixth album, Lost in a Digital World, today, giving the world a glimpse into the evolution of his music that continues to shatter sonic norms. Drawing on his love of hip hop for inspiration, McCraten shifts from producer to composer on a winding musical journey that culminates in his latest work.

Manic Focus Press Photo

Lost in a Digital World is perhaps my most cohesive body of work to date and tells a story about the last two years of my journey as a producer since the 2017 release of Minds Rising,” said McCraten in a press release. “With this record, I wanted to paint an aural illustration of my creative process and my experimentation with different genres, styles and instruments. True to the album’s title, I found myself lost in the music and above all wanted to prove to myself that I was not limited to the ‘electro-soul’ genre or any singular musical category. The album draws elements from the realms of house, dubstep, trap, hip-hop, electronic, downtempo and beyond, which is a definite change from anything I’ve ever put out before. The message that I want my fans to be left with after listening is that no one should ever be afraid to go outside of their comfort zone. Do something that scares or challenges you every single day and get lost in a world of your own.”

Manic Focus shot by Zach Sanders

Manic Focus has been busy this summer, having already released four singles ahead of the full album’s debut, including the July 31 release of “Lyrebird” featuring Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights Music/Break Science) on keys and Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic) on sax. Lost in a Digital World also features contributions by Protohype, Russ Liquid, and Psalm One among others. Sample the full album here.

Manic Focus will be hitting the road this fall in support of his new project, including two celebratory Colorado performances in Boulder on September 13 and Fort Collins on September 14. For a full list of upcoming tour dates, click here. To learn more about Manic Focus and how to purchase tickets, click on the links below.


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