CONCERT REVIEW: Americanafest Kicks Off Early with Mandolin Orange!

This week is one of the biggest weeks for Americana, roots, bluegrass, and folk music as Americanafest kicks off in Nashville. One band decided to get the party started a little early however, as Mandolin Orange completed a two-night stand at the mother church of country music, The Ryman Auditorium (9/7/19).

Shot by Zach Sanders

Sold-Out Shows and Bending Bows

Saturday the band played to a sold-out crowd, with their crooning and soul-touching lyrics reverberating throughout the venue’s infamous pew benches and stained glass windows. The evening opened with Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz alone on stage together, just the two of them, a shared guitar, a violin, and of course a mandolin to keep them company. The pair led the audience into an auditory journey as they strummed and bent bow together in a way that only two people singing deeply and knowing each other completely as these two do can (Frantz and Marlin are married and have a child together).

Shot by Zach Sanders

One Night, Two Shows

After a quick 45-minute set, the duo broke to catch their breath and set up for a more immersive and deeper dive into the roots music they play and love. This time around the strings and vocals duo were joined by an upright bass, drums, and electric guitar in accompaniment. With this expanded band, the group kicked in to high gear, each member seeming to feed naturally off of the others’ energy. The crowd was just as invested as the band itself, calling for songs and shouting well wishes at the stage as the night wound on. By the end, it was clear that nothing was held back for this night, and in the end Mandolin Orange came to a stunning crescendo, leaving everyone in the audience both completely satisfied and yearning for more in the most wonderful ways.

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