3rd Annual Red Lion Family Reunion Tonight in Orlando

Thirty years ago, some people opened an unassuming pub in Winter Park, Florida. And over the course of 27 years that pub became the mecca, the gathering place of musicians, music lovers, poi fire twirlers, and Twisted Tuesday denizens. That glorious gathering place was the Red Lion Pub, owned by Rosemarie Camp and family.

Ultimately, the realities of business led to Red Lion closing its doors after one final magnificent show on September 17, 2016. Tonight, for the third time, Colin Christopher and friends are holding the Red Lion Family Reunion. There will be music, fire performers, and some food prepared with Mama Rose’s great RLP food recipes! And A.J. Hége will be there to chronicle the event, as always!

Photo credit: A.J. Hege

The 3rd Annual Red Lion Family Reunion will be at HENAO Contemporary Center in Orlando tonight, Thursday, September 12, from 8 p.m. until 2.

Red Lion Pub. To so many people this place was a central hub for art, music, and self-expression here in Orlando. Although its doors have closed, the love and family created in this place live on the hearts of all its patrons. For one night, we would like to get together again to celebrate this magical place and all it stood for. In true RLP fashion, we have put together a great lineup of local talent to share our passion, joy, and love for music with all our friends. If Red Lion Pub holds a special place within you, please join us, and let’s dance the night away.

Holey Miss Moley – Photo credit: Matt Hillman Photography

And dance you will to the great sounds of Holey Miss Moley, Sweet Cambodia, Koga, Joy Wagon, and Glofish Music.

Fire performers include John Snapp, Kyle Thompson, Melissa Hillis, and Sara Dunning.

You know what you need to do.

Red Lion Family Reunion

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