TWYN Offer Up a Sonic Treat in “Double” Single ii.

TWYN have doubled your pleasure with the release of their new two-song single ii. (note that the title of the release is “ii.”). This follows the duo’s three previous singles: “Dystopia” (2018), “You Say” (2018), and their first single, “Cast Me Out,” from 2017.

Orlando tonight // #ii. drops tomorrow

Posted by TWYN on Thursday, August 8, 2019

TWYN is a collaboration from two outstanding Miami-area musicians who play in other bands as well. Keyboard wizard Jason Matthews is a member of the great fusion quartet Electric Kif, who also have a new album out, and he performs often backing Roosevelt Collier. He also has four Latin Grammy nominations for his production on Danay Suarez‘s critically praised album Palabras Manuales. Drummer Aaron Glueckauf is a member of the excellent funk band Lemon City Trio. The two have been making collaborating since 2010, starting the underground hip hop group The Politix.

With ii. TWYN draws from elements of hip hop, funk, and EDM, and distorts them through the lens of their own. Keyboardist Jason Matthews explained,

“True innovation is a goal of all artists. It’s a chance to present a new perspective on an existing reality. A fresh take on ideas we can agree on, to create something we can wonder about.” 

The duo are exploring the analog world, recording everything to an MCI 16 track tape machine and capturing each piece at DJ Le Spam‘s legendary studio City of Progress in Miami. These two tracks, “Ravana” and “Mercury,” will bounce you back and forth among the various elements and to sounds familiar and others fresh.

Let your ears take a trip. They’ll invite your mind along!


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