Second Annual Friendship House Music Festival This Saturday

The festivities begin early Saturday, August 24, at The Dalton Green in Dalton, Georgia, for the second annual Friendship House Music Festival, 3 p.m., to be specific. There will be food trucks, beverages, and activities for you to enjoy.

Oh, yes, there’s music! Let’s start with Jupiter Coyote.


Every one of us has had the experience of reconnecting with “lost friends.” Maybe these friends were lost for a couple of years, but it could even be 10, 20, 30 or more (and we’ll thank social media for the possibilities). Regardless of the time in between, once you reconnect, that time melts away, and it’s like you were never apart.

Some of those “lost friends” have resurfaced, and boy, are we excited to reconnect with them. “They” are Jupiter Coyote, the outstanding band who emerged in 1991, delighting jam fans up and down the East Coast and through 2004 (at least) before disappearing from view after their last album, The Hillary Step, was released.

The title of their brilliant new album says it all: Life Got I the Way. The 14 years missing seem totally inconsequential; we’re just glad our friends are back in our lives.

Jupiter Coyote – FB photo

Jupiter Coyote are: Matthew B. Mayes, guitar, guijo, banjo, vocals; John Felty, guitar, slide, vocals; Sanders Brightwell, bass; Steve Trismen, fiddle, vocals; Noel Felty, drums, vocals; John Meyer, guitar, vocals, slide; and Gene Bass, drums, percussion.

Also on the bill are Allgood from Indiana, who play a little of everything; The Band of Heathens, bringing American rock and roll, Texas style; and thE Core – Clapton Live, celebrating the musical catalog of Eric Clapton.

The Band of Heathens – FB photo

Come early; stay late. Friendship House is calling you!

thE Core – Clapton Live – Photo credit: Kelly Thompson


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