Must-See Undercards of Bourbon & Beyond

Bourbon & Beyond takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, September 20-22, offering a wide range of classic rock, blues and folk performances to revive the soul. Big names like the Foo Fighters, John Fogerty, Robert Plant, Joan Jett, and ZZ Top will be expected to draw the largest crowds, but there is even more to be excited for.

When exploring the lineup beyond some of these great classic names, a few sparked my curiosity, so pour yourself some bourbon and get ready to dive into my top undercard acts.

White Reaper

Natives from Louisville, Kentucky, these dudes sure know how to enhance their sound from your typical Southern band. White Reaper creates their sound using gritty pop-punk vocals mixed with classic rock guitar riffs, inviting you to have one hell of a time. If you’re looking for a high-energy set to jump around and dance to, this is the show for you.

The Record Company

The Record Company sits pretty next to big names on the Bourbon & Beyond lineup, especially after being nominated for a Grammy after their very first album. This fiery trio creates a classic blues-rock sound with their use of slide guitars, harmonicas and confident vocals, so expect to be tapping your foot, clapping your hands and singing along.

Cedric Burnside

Cedric Burnside brings us into his world by singing about the struggles of his past and present days, but with gratitude and pride. Born and raised in Mississippi, Burnside was heavily influenced by his father and grandfather who were both multi-talented blues musicians. Following in his families footsteps, Burnside not only sings with truth and passion, he can also play both guitar and drums, making him someone you don’t want to miss.

 The Lil Smokies

If you’re not the biggest fan of bluegrass but open to it, the Lil Smokies are a great start. Their thoughtful song lyrics paired with smooth vocals and rock undertones create a special sound to warm the soul. By the overall composition of their songs, you can sense this five-piece band really understand one another as musicians. The Lil Smokies have been busy enticing fans at smaller festivals around the U.S., so it will be great to see what they bring to Bourbon.

Check out the full lineup below, and get ready to eat, drink, and dance!

Bourbon & Beyond

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