Concert Review – Low Cut Connie – A&R Music Bar

Six months ago I had never heard of Low Cut Connie, but the music gods blessed me at Shaky Knees Festival and had me wander over to their midday set. Even though the band was not on my radar, let alone my schedule, I found myself gleefully glued to their stage. Just halfway through the first song, I knew that I was witnessing something special. The next hour was nothing but pure rock-fueled bliss with enough energy to make the walls in Madison Square Garden rumble.

When I was scrolling through shows coming to Columbus, Ohio, I was shocked to see that Low Cut Connie was coming to my town to play in one of the city’s smaller venues, A&R Music Bar. It’s not out of the ordinary for this venue to get some serious talent booked, but I was a bit nervous that it wouldn’t be able to contain the power of Low Cut Connie.

Photo by John Ferreira

One Band is Enough

I always get to shows early; it gives me time to talk to some fans and grab a drink, plus I always like to see the opening acts. One of their fans asked me who was opening up that night so I checked the stage schedule and was a bit surprised to see that there was no one taking the stage before our headliner. When I told him that, he said, Low Cut Connie is enough; we don’t need an opening band.” Truer words have not been spoken in a long time.

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No Need to Wait

Low Cut Connie does not believe in a slow-burn approach to their live shows. The moment that the band takes the stage, the spirit of rock and roll flows through the exuberant crowd and does not abate for a minute. Frontman Adam Weiner is what all rock bands dream of. A charismatic powerhouse with an exceptional ability to command the stage whose likeliness hasn’t been seen since early Bruce Springsteen. The influence that Springsteen has had on Adam is obvious, and he does not let The Boss down. Some people have accused Adam of being over the top, but nothing about what this man does on stage can be frowned upon. From wholesome crowd interactions to piano poses that would put the best yogis to shame, this dude knows how to rule a stage.

As captivating as Adam is, I couldn’t help my eyes from wandering around the stage to soak in every bit of brilliance that each musician was delivering. Every moment of their 80-minute set was filled with memorable moments that had the sweaty mess of a crowd elevated into a state of nirvana. They are an absolute triumph that must be experienced to truly understand. A band like Low Cut Connie only comes around a few times a generation, you should be absolutely elated that you are lucky enough to be alive while this band is touring.

Low Cut Connie

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