TOP 5: Railbird Music Festival Top 5 Can’t-Miss Artists!

With Railbird Music Festival just weeks away from its inaugural run on the grounds of the Kentucky Derby in Lexington KY, we would be remiss if we did not take the time to tell you about our top acts for the weekend so you can prepare for their awesomeness! These guys are in no particular order and could easily all fall into any spot on the list.

5. Tyler Childers

Childers was also a can’t-miss for us at last month’s Forecastle Music Festival in neighboring Louisville, and he still remains on the top of that list. Hailing from Kentucky himself, Childers is right at home in this patch of dirt, and his show should reflect that.

Tyler Childers shot by Zach Sanders

4. Billy Strings

Nothing is more Kentucky than bluegrass, and nothing is more bluegrass than Billy Strings. The two go together like a couple of ice cubes and a double shot of bourbon.

Billy Strings-Photo by David Lee

3. Old Crowe Medicine Show

These guys are going to be a love or hate issue for a lot of people, mostly based on your opinions surrounding the song “Wagon Wheel.”

2. Low Cut Connie

For those looking to add a little bit of rock into their weekend.

Photo by John Ferreira

1. The Raconteurs

We were elated when we heard that The Raconteurs were getting back together earlier this year. This is the first shot many will have an opportunity to see the group live, and they is definitely a can’t-miss.

The Raconteurs Press Photo

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Railbird Music Festival

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