SPOILER ALERT: Bonnaroo’s New Entranceway

By now, it is well known in the festival community that the iconic arch in Bonnaroo‘s entranceway had significant structural issues. As a result, it was burnt to ashes by the festival organizers.

“The structure had aged beyond repair and was no longer safe to remain in place,” festival officials shared in a statement to The Tennessean.

We got a first look at anatomical updates. From the photos alone it is tough to confirm what the overall design will be. With the announcement of new festival, Exit 111, taking place on the farm, it is no surprise if the changes are to accommodate additional events as well. We’re assuming they’ll continue using the original title lights from the arch on the new structure but with the option to be interchangeable. 

Subsequently, it is difficult to imagine a Bonnaroo without its famous arch. Therefore, wishful thinking has us hoping they will still have an sequin-covered arch radiating somewhere on the farm. Bonnaroo returns to the farm in Manchester TN next Wednesday, June 12. Eager Bonnaroovians await to see the new entrance structure.

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

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