Shaky Knees Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of Shaky Knees has officially ended, and we are now upon the closing day of the festival. The sun was once again out and assaulting anyone who wasn’t ready with some sunblock and a lifetime supply of water. Thankfully I came more prepared on Saturday than on Friday, so I was somewhat ready to bear the elements and watch some killer live music. Despite a pending storm and a few sets being cut a bit early, the day went on without any serious issues.

The Ruen Brothers

I started my day at 1 pm and went right over to the Piedmont Stage to check out one of my favorite bands, The Ruen Brothers. I’ve been listening to them for a little over a year and had a chance to check them out a few months back in Columbus, Ohio. When they began their set, the crowd was thin, but as their music filled the park people began to wander over. Once you get to a Ruen Brothers set, you don’t leave; it’s just impossible. The spirit, the vibes, and the music exuding from the stage pull you in and don’t let go. In between songs, lead singer and frontman Henry Stansall tells brief stories that feel more like you’re at a stand-up comedy show than a concert. There is nothing about their set that I would’ve changed.

At the end of their set they told the crowd that they would be at the merch stand for anyone who wanted to swing by to say hello or to grab an autograph. They did exactly that and spent a solid hour greeting fans, taking photos, and talking music. Spectacular musicians and great dudes.

Photo by John Ferreira

A Festival is Nothing Without Good People

A music festival’s crowd can easily make or break one’s experience there. Crowd pushers, beer tossers, show talkers, and other variations of bad concert etiquette can make a good festival into a negative one. Thankfully, I haven’t come across anything of the sort at Shaky Knees. Everyone I have spoken with, danced next to, or shared some shade with have been nothing but friendly. The people here are what help create positive memories of music fests that so many hold close to our hearts.

The overindulgence of substances is something that you often see at music fests, especially ones held in a city. Young people trying things they don’t understand can lead to a variety of issues. Throughout the many fests I have been to, I have seen my share of people who took more than they should have. I was speaking with one of the security guards who has worked over two dozen fests in and around Atlanta. I mentioned that even with the intense heat, I have not seen anyone who was getting rushed out by EMS. He told me that it’s been a great two days, and the overall amount of medical issues he has seen here is extremely minimal. Obviously, this is great news. Hydrate, find shade, and relax when you need to. Stay safe, Shaky fans!

Photo by John Ferreira

Jim James

I think we can all agree that Jim James is one of the greatest and coolest people walking the earth. To say that I was excited about his set would be a vast understatement. The man behind My Morning Jacket, one of the greatest rock bands of the century, took the stage in all of his glory, his huge vocal range cascaded through Shaky Knees as it was chased by his impassioned guitar solos. Easily one of my favorite sets of the day.

Photo by John Ferreira

Finding New Music

One of the best parts of any music fest is wandering over to a few stages to check out some bands you have never heard of. You never know what you might come across. I am now officially a Jade Bird and Pedro the Lion fan. If you have any time in between bands make sure you go listen to some new music. The two smaller stages, Criminal Records and Ponce De Leon, are a great way to grab some shade and watch some lesser-known acts.

Day Three

So here we are: the final day of Shaky Knees is upon us. We are soon to experience the absolute magic that is Tame Impala, but before they close out the fest there are a ton of great bands ready to take the stage at Shaky Knees. I’m most excited for The Nude Party, Rayland Baxter, Slothrust, Grouplove, Foals, and obviously Tame Impala. I’m praying for a nice cool breeze and overcast clouds but without the rain. Hope to see you all there!

Shaky Knees

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