Cousin Simple in the Studio with David Kershenbaum

Cousin Simple is a band made up of five young guys from Columbus, Ohio. I first heard of Cousin Simple when I saw them absolutely kill it at a sold-out show at The Basement. I knew that I just saw a band that will not be playing small venues for a long time. It was obvious to me that they were something special. There was no doubt in my mind that they have “it.”

I wasn’t the only one who recognized their overwhelmingly recognizable talent. Legendary music producer David Kershenbaum flew all the way from Los Angeles to Columbus to help the band record their new single “Honeybee.” You may have never heard of David Kershenbaum, but there is no doubt that you have heard the music he has helped produce. With over 75 platinum records under his belt, the man is an absolute legend. He’s worked with some of music’s greatest superstars from Supertramp, Peter Frampton and The Police to Tracy Chapman and Tori Amos. He is a man who knows great music when he hears it.

I had the honor of meeting with Kershenbaum and Cousin Simple at the studio, Sonic Lounge, on Friday. Sonic Lounge has helped some huge artists create incredible music, including Twenty One Pilots and OAR. The music being made on Friday was only possible thanks to Sonic Lounge, Joe Viers, Oranjudio and Joey Gurwin. 

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I’m weird when I meet famous people. I wish I wasn’t, but I am. I tend to make awkward jokes, repeat myself, or just be silent. Sadly, it was no different when I met David. I hope he didn’t notice, or if he did I hope he forgot about it soon after I left. Watching him work was spectacular; his ear is impeccable. David was kind, professional, and insightful; he brought a relaxed feel to the studio. It was obvious the band was in great hands.

While he worked his magic on the soundboard, I got to hang out with Cousin Simple, joke around, and learn a bit more about the guys behind the music. I found out that all of them (minus drummer Joel Lorenz) went to an all-boys Catholic high school, a place where art and music were barely discussed. Their desire to create and express themselves was suppressed. That pent-up energy explodes into a marvelous fireworks display of rock and roll when they play live.

Working on Cousin Simple’s New Single “Honeybee”

They are some of the most driven and motivated artists I have ever met, but that’s what you need to become something great. Being able to make music and play live full-time is the communal dream of the band. Until that happens they are all still in school full-time as a backup plan. Beyond the music, they’re just a normal group of teenagers. They make fun of each other, talk music and movies, play video games, and check Instagram.

I’m super stoked to hear their new song “Honeybee” as soon as the final touches have been added. Cousin Simple will be playing this Friday, January 11th, at 8:00 PM at Skully’s Music Diner in Columbus and Saturday, February 2nd, at 8:00 PM with The Dead Licks at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago. Check out some photos from the studio below!

Cousin Simple
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