Wanee Follows AURA and Bear Creek into the ‘Former’ Category

Talk about spirits crushed! The Wanee Festival, a mainstay at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, will not return in 2019 after fourteen years of joy cooked up by the late Butch Trucks and the Allman Brothers Band. Here is the official announcement:

This is a crushing blow for the many Sisters and Brothers of the Suwannee who looked forward to the annual gathering of like-minded individuals for camaraderie, music, beverages, hugs, and other entertainment.

And that followed the death knell for the magnificent AURA Music and Arts Festival after the 2016 fest.

Which came all too soon after the dagger-to-the-heart announcement that Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival was no more after 2014.

There are even rumblings about Purple Hatter’s Ball!

Yes, there are still some fine festivals left at our beloved Live Oak home away from home, including the incredible Suwannee Hulaween just over a week ago. Also successfully operating are Suwannee Roots Revival and Suwannee Spring Reunion, both of which popped up to replace the loss of Magnolia Fest and Springfest.

Perhaps it was selfish of us to presume that events we grew to love so dearly would continue, because we came to believe that “the road goes on forever.” We know now that it doesn’t.

As for the reasons stated in the Wanee announcement, myriad devotees have already called BS. Given the strength and power of Peach Fest, known as Wanee North when it was birthed, it seems like there was just no interest in keeping Wanee afloat. We know the 420 Festival has conflicted in the past. Perhaps the SoSMP schedule is that tight, but it seems like a date could have been found.

And we — speaking for many Brothers and Sisters — will continue to hope that our vibes and other positive resources will give rise to a replacement “popping” up to fill the void in our hearts.


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