Bluegrass Sunday with Skaggs and Rice

This week on Bluegrass Sunday I get to share one of my all-time favorite duos, Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice. Both are apex pickers and vocalists, but together they reach a pinnacle of bluegrass perfection. Multi-instrumentalist Ricky Skaggs delivers those high vocal harmonies and masterful mandolin riffs. While illness has since taken his voice and ability to play guitar, Tony Rice is known for his signature flat-picking and deep resonating vocals.

Both had storied careers, with Skaggs getting his start as one of Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Boys and Rice earning his way into J.D. Crowe’s The New South. In 1980 they got together to create an album that paid tribute to their love of Roots music. With the release of Skaggs and Rice: The Essential Old-Time Country Duet Recordings they take on songs with unmatched skills from old country Traditional tunes to classic Bill Monroe.

Skaggs & Rice reissue 2012

The album is only 27 minutes long and contains ten songs, but it stands today as a sentinel for Roots music lovers. The entire album is a shining example of musicianship at its finest. Take a listen and let your ears fall in love with the sounds of perfection.

Skaggs and Rice- flip side of 1980 vinyl album – and cassette

Skaggs and Rice: The Essential Old-Time Country Duet Recordings


1. Bury Me Beneath The Weeping Willow
2. Mansions For Me
3. There’s More Pretty Girls Than One
4. Memories Of Mother And Dad
5. Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
6. Talk About Suffering
7. Will The Roses Bloom
8. Tennessee Blues
9. The Old Crossroads
10. Have You Someone In Heaven Awaiting

Enjoy and have a happy Sunday, y’all.

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