Trip the Light Fantastic, a Peek into America’s Most Psychedelic Fest: Suwannee Hulaween

Imagine, if you will, a little-known festival in Florida (at least the die-hard veterans would like to keep it this way) that merges the community and artistic essence of Burning Man, amidst an Electric Forest-esque scenery with Bonnaroovian vibes rolling deep throughout the crowd and a top-notch diverse lineup to please everyone’s musical palate. With mysterious, intricate, psychedelic surprises at every corner, from stunning 3D-image projections and giant sculptures of ember to a tiny house where bats come out to play at dusk and a flying L.E.D. robot man on a water jetpack (yes, you read that right). This festival is a magic maze of a Tim Burton movie on peyote come to life, all while you feel the beats of your new favorite band pulsing through your veins. This is the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. This is Hulaween. Our team here at MusicFestNews has attended many, many festivals over the years but it’s safe to say Suwannee Hulaween takes the cake as America’s best fest… and we will for certain get lost with you again in Spirit Lake next year.

(Photos by Yvonne Gougelet)

Brandon Landis the Hydrobatic!


(Lost in Time)
(A favorite from 2016)

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