Hometeam All-Star Jam – Friday July 28 – Skipper’s Smokehouse In Tampa

“Respect The Unexpected”

The above quote is from Hometeam founder Cody Bean when asked to describe what’s about to happen. Friday, July 28th will see Skipper’s Smokehouse turn into Hometeam Base Camp as the Hometeam All-Stars descend on the venue for a monster night of music.

Hometeam is the loose collective description of the musicians and fans all around the central Florida area. Anchored by the Hometeam New Year’s Rally, a four-day festival that occurs not surprisingly on New Year’s weekend each year, this group of music makers and music lovers have come together to put on a night of all-star jamming.

The event will feature members of Come Back Alice, Cope, Juanjamon Band, The Applebutter Express, Holey Miss Moley and the Corbitt-Clampitt Experience. The musicians featured are:

Tony Tyler – Come Back Alice
Dennis Stadelman – Sonic Stew and Cope
Juanjamon – The Juanjamon Band and Cope
Isaac Corbitt – Corbitt-Clampitt Experience and the Corbitt Brothers Band
Kyle Biss – The Applebutter Express
Shannon Biss – The Applebutter Express
Jimmy Jams  – Come Back Alice and Joose
Yral ‘Datdudeondrums’ Morris – Come Back Alice and Joose
Kennth ‘Bonesaw’ Harvey – Holey Miss Moley

As if all this wasn’t enough, Este Loves will be the opening act.

As if that lineup alone isn’t enough to get you smiling and clearing your schedule for Friday night, here are a few more things to sway you. Cody and Jenelle Bean are the creators of the Hometeam New Year’s Rally, and here is what Jenelle has to say about this All-Star Jam:

“You know that feeling when you happen to catch a spontaneous jam session with musicians from all your favorite bands?
One of the many special qualities of Hometeam is the way the musicians cooperate rather than compete. At any given show you could find someone from one of your favorite bands sitting in to jam with another.
Music… It’s like a whole different language, and for those who speak and understand it…. there is something magical that occurs. With minimal (or no practice at all) they can pull something off that has never happened before and may never happen again!
We can’t even tell you what to expect, but we can tell you it will blow your mind at least once in the night and something that you may never be re-created again.”

Tony Tyler of Come Back Alice has this to say about what’s about to happen:

“That’s the beauty of the community, that we can all come together and bring people something exciting.”

Finally, Meesta Juanjamon himself offered up this little teaser about the upcoming show:

“We will be performing originals from all the bands involved, some might be to the ‘T,’ some may be reworked with a genre twist, or a comical curveball. The set will also include danceable covers with a musical stew type of atmosphere.”

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