On The Rise: Reeps One

TomorrowWorld 2015 had a lot of things that one could complain about, from the poor treatment of attendees to a shady festival currency. If you thought you were alone, we’re still confused about how Pearls work too. (We were told the formula is something along the lines of: 1 Pearl = $2.22 + a piece of your soul.) All negative aspects aside, the DJs present played superb sets. For me, the biggest surprise came from the artist who opened for Bassnectar, who was the closing headliner on Friday.

Reeps One was scheduled for a five-minute set before BN, which I thought was an error in the schedule. I had never heard of this person, but I had just seen Bixel Boys, Seven Lions and Gramatik play the best sets I’ve heard from them, and I had a great view for Nectar, so I had high expectations. Reeps One walks on stage and gets on a table to introduce himself. “Bassnectar has brought me here as a gift,” he told the audience. “Everything you are about to hear is coming from the human voice and the human voice alone.” What happened next should only be witnessed because words will not do it justice. Here’s a video of his performance courtesy of YouTube user HODJ Music.

Harry Yeff, better known as Reeps One, is a twenty-five-year-old award -winning beatboxer from London, England. He is one of only two people to have won the Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships twice. With an array of electronic synth-like sounds at his disposal, Reeps One is no stranger to party environments, often booking hour-long club sets with nothing more than a microphone. He’s played several festivals, including Glastonbury three times. He currently only has shows in London and Italy listed on his website. His sets are something that everyone should witness despite your genre preference. Follow him on social media to find out when he travels to America.

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